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A Personalized Fitness Training Studio

Our Background

Phoenix Fitness began over a decade ago with the mission of helping people navigate their goals to become healthy and strong. 

We offer an non-intimidating space for men and women who want a personalized program to help them achieve their goals, whether it be weight loss or strength training and muscle development.

If you are looking for a different kind of gym - one that is private, flexible, and approachable - we
just might be the right place for you. 

We will start by assessing your current state and goals. Then we will create a personalized plan to help you move forward by focusing on building the confident and strong person you deserve to share with the world.

Areas of Specialty

  • Weight loss following bariatric surgery
  • Weight loss without surgery
  • Weight management
  • Strength training and muscle building
  • Endurance training
  • Help build a healthy mindset

What We Do

Our coaching options have been designed to give you flexibility and privacy. You can choose among doing online workouts, in-person workouts in our small studio, or a combination of the two. 


Working from a decade of experience, we know how to teach you to use the resources available to you to achieve your goals and maintain them. 

Online Training

At Phoenix Fitness, we will partner with you to provide at home or on-the-go workouts that have your unique goals in mind. We will monitor your progress with regular check-ins and provide optional nutrition support. 

In-Person Training

If you prefer to workout in person in our studio, we will make a weekly plan to make your goals managable.  You will work hard and have fun along the way. Our focus will be on reaching small milestones on the way to lasting results. 

Meal Plans

Getting the most from your meals is an important part of your weight loss journey.  Finding healthy, tasty recipes can also be the most difficult part of the journey.  So Phoenix Fitness has teamed up with My Bariatric Kitchen to offer you weekly meal plans that removes all the stress and time consuming planning for your meals. 




InBody 570 body composition analyzer

The accurate and precise InBody 570 body composition analyzer provides standard outputs like Percent Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and BMR, plus total body water, visceral fat assessment, and other vital measurements. This data will help you focus your health goals making them understandable and achievable. 

Start with a No-Obligation Consultation

Are you curious about Phoenix Fitness? Come give it a try to see if it's the right fit for you.


We can meet via phone, video chat, or in person to discuss your fitness goals and our programs.

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