Weight Loss Surgery and Strength Training

Weight Loss Surgery and Strength Training

Weight loss surgery and strength training improves your success 10 x over.

Everyone that goes through bariatric surgery will have a pronounced reduction in their pre-surgery muscle mass. Most of that loss will come from this weight-loss tool. Yet many people avoid the weight lifting after their weight loss surgery for many different reasons. Yet when done properly, strength training will do more than reducing the loss in muscle mass.


Faster metabolic rate

The biggest reason that people go through bariatric surgery is to lose weight in order to improve their overall health. When adding weight loss surgery and strength training you will speed up your metabolism. 


As you lift weights, you create tiny tears in the muscle fibers of the muscle group you are exercising. To repair these tears, the body must burn more calories than it would otherwise if you did not have the tears. And you are burning calories while working out.


Greater muscle definition


Another plus – it takes more calories to fuel muscles than it does body fat – 9 calories per pound of fat per day verses 2 calories per pound of fat (both at the resting metabolic rate) – with a consistent focus on strength training, your muscles will become more defined or toned and your body fat will decrease. So you get the immediate benefit of your body burning calories to help repair itself and a long-term benefit of your body requiring more calories to fuel the extra muscle definition.   


More functional strength


As you continue to lose weight from the surgery and your muscles develop you get stronger. Everyday tasks that used to wear you out, such as vacuuming, laundry and carrying in groceries, are suddenly easier. Also stronger muscles reduce your risk of injury if you participate in sports or other physical activities.


So fear weights no longer! Start a weight lifting program and enjoy the benefits of an increased metabolism, greater muscle definition and easier everyday activities. Your body will thank you for it.