Your goal weight after bariatric surgery doesn’t matter.

I have had this conversation a lot over the years that I have worked with weight loss surgery clients. I’m asked what should my goal weight after bariatric surgery be? My answer being” depends on what you want to do.

When you talk to a runner or weight lifter or biker the conversation will be about improvement to what they are doing – go faster, lift more, etc… and the scale is just one part of the formula to get them to that goal. That is how it should be for you as well.

Concentrate on an activity or two and how to get better at it. As you focus more and more on the activity your body will naturally adjust to accommodate for your needs. If you are just getting started maybe try gardening as an activity.  And as you get better at the thing you love you want to do it more and the need for verification of a number on a scale starts to go away. Because it really doesn’t matter what you’re goal weight should be after bariatric surgery, what matters is that you can do an activity you like with little difficulty and have fun doing it.