InBody 570

The inbody 570 gives you more than just your weight, it tells what that weight is composed of. How much is muscle mass. How much is water weight, and how much is fat mass. In addition the Inbody 570 will give you an accurate picture of your Basal Metabolic Rate as well as Viseral Fat which are two componets to your health and weight loss. 


In addition the InBody will give you data on these data points stack up against what is considered by health experts to be a healthy rage. 

All this information is more than just data it's a way to start to build a plan around your weigth loss. When you know how much body fat you have and how much above the healthy range you are you can make more accurate goals around you weight loss. No longer do you just guess as to how much fat you want to lose. This data gives you the chance to get it right. 


The best part is all of this data is collected in just under a minute and the most difficult thing you have to do is take off your shoes and socks!


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