Bariatric Friendly Meal Plans

We know how difficult it is to make quality meals that also fit into your needs with your weight loss tool. So Phoenix Fitness has teamed up with My Bariatric Kitchen to bring you bariatric friendly meal plans.

My Bariatric Kitchen was created to help all pre and post-op bariatric patients find nutritional support for their weight loss journey and find healthy delicious recipes that will meet their individual nutritional needs.

Each meal plans focus on healthy balanced macronutrients for both men and women, taking into consideration the needs of the family and the challenges of our hectic lifestyle.

When I stick to a meal plan it’s an easy way to feel like I have control of this aspect of my life.

  • Christina O.

My favorite thing about the meal plan is the recipes. Many are new combinations that surprisingly good.

  • Alanna T

Click on the images below to get an idea of what it’s all about.

I like the meal plan because it takes the stress of trying to decide what I’m going to fix every day out of the picture. The choices are really good, and it gives me the opportunity to meal plan and cook for the week on Sunday afternoons. It broadens the scope of meals, so I’m not fixing the same old thing everyday and get bored with it. 

  • Jan H.

If you are finding that searching Pintrest, Facebook, and Google for interesting new recipes overwhelming, it’s in your best interest to take a look at these meal plans. Just contact us and we will send you out a free week meal plan for you to take a look. If it you believe it will work for you then for less than a $1 / day you will get a new meal plan each week.