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Weight loss surgery isn’t a short cut, it’s a jump start to your new life. It helped remove one obstacle or challenge that may have been preventing you from losing the weight you’ve been needing to lose. 

The thing is, if you don’t do all the work correctly and consistently the chances of gaining that weight back are high. One of the most important parts of getting to and maintaining this new life is through exercise, specifically exercise that is going to help slow the loss of muscle mass that comes with this procedure. 

Yet telling you that you need to do the work isn’t enough. You need to have a plan that is specific to you, your limitations, and needs. You need a plan that will be progressively challenging yet safe to be effective. You need a well designed map that you can follow to your goals. 

it’s more than a workout app. Geof is there to answer any questions. He also makes sure the exercises are working.

  • ALanna T

That is what Phoenix Fitness Online personal training does for you. I build you a plan that is specific to you. One that continually challenges you without injury. All you have to do is follow the map.

What is it:

Online personal training is a new way to workout that has many of the benefits of traditional personal training, but also gives you the flexibility to do the work when it works best for you.

Going to the gym for some people is a daunting task – for others its not that big of a deal. But what these two people have in common is that once your there, what do you do? Maybe you feel overwhelmed because you don’t understand how to do certain things. Maybe it’s because there are so many things you could do!  

One way to change this is with free workout videos. They can work….sorta.

The online training (and Geof’s encouraging me to have a set schedule) have enabled me to workout, with weights, in a gym setting for weeks on end for the first time in my life.

When I’ve attempted it in the past, I was always overwhelmed, insecure, ashamed or bored with the few machines I knew how to do. Now, I approach each exercise with confidence and curiosity.

The online videos are easy to use and access and it helps me ensure my form is good. Tracking my progress in the app is also great…I can see when I make improvements and it’s a great tool for communication between Geof and me.

-Sarah b.

But what about modifications to your movements?
What if you have a question about the exercises? What do you do when that workout is no longer effective? How long are you willing to spend researching new workouts and programs, making modifications to reps and sets? Are the modifications right for your goals?  Do you really care about all that?

I do CARE about all of that and that is why I know Phoenix Fitness’ online program will work for you. 


From the years I have been training clients and one overarching statement I hear is that they can’t keep a program going. what I’ve noticed works is knowing my clients. Talking to them so I can understand what their goals, desires and any limitations they may have. Building a customized plan that fits their specific life situation. Monitoring their progress so that the workouts stay challenging yet safe.

I know very few people that can successfully keep a workout program going on their own.  I also understand how busy people are these days.  Using this system takes away all of the excuses, provides the correct feedback, is flexible and is easy to customize.  The results for me have been fantastic, and it’s been easy!

In the past this was something that was only available to people that were close enough to my gym to be able to be apart of . But now that has changed. 

I had tried many times in my life to lift weights.  The only time I have been successful is when I had a trainer.  However, I travel a great deal and am constantly on the move.  So, having a personal trainer just has not worked out.  Using Geof and his online system allows me the freedom to still have an “appointment” without being tied to a specific location.

-Selma N.

With Online Personal training you can get all the same benefits of 1 to 1 training but without the inconvenience of traveling to and from the gym, committing to be at a certain place at a certain time.

With the online personal training you can get the most from your gym membership. Since all the exercises are built with videos on how to do each movement correctly and safely you don’t need to worry about hurting yourself. Since I am reachable via the app to answer any questions you may have, you are not in the dark if something doesn’t make sense. All the workouts are scheduled by me so you don’t have to worry about what workout to do when – that’s my job for you. As you progress the workouts will reflect that, with exercises that continue to safely challenge you. 

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