Online Small Group Class

While you may not have access to in person small group classes or you’re just not comfortable with being apart of them, Phoenix Fitness is giving you the next best thing. ONLINE GROUP TRAINING. Unlike other group classes this one is built to focus on people that have undergone bariatric surgery. Yep, no real crazy exercises or ridiculously hard cardio that you can’t keep up with. Instead this will focus on giving you simple movements that are effective.

      •  Having a workout partner or two has been shown to keep motivation around diet and exercise high. With this group class you will have the chance to Interact with other people in the group that have gone through weight loss surgery. This is a great chance to get different viewpoints, hints, tips and tricks on this journey from others. You may also find a virtual workout buddy!

      • Getting your food and meals right is another difficult aspect of this weight loss journey. When you sign up you get access to weekly bariatric friendly meal plans. Whether you need an entire plan or just new and healthy ideas this meal plan will fit you needs. With every meal planned out every day of the week (including snacks), grocery list, and recipes you will you know you are eating right for your weight loss.

      •  This isn’t just some faceless group class – You will have access to the personal trainer that put the workouts together. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions about exercises and workouts that may confuse you. To get ideas for modifications to movements that may be difficult for you and the chance to just ask questions that confuse you about working out in general. Beyond that we will be watching you (in a non-creepy way) to make sure you are keeping up with everything and hopefully keep you on task. 

      • You’ll have access to the Phoenix Fitness’ Bariatric mindset program. It’s one thing to have a plan for your workouts and your meals, but if you are not working on your overall mindset then you’re not getting the most from your work. With the Bariatric Mindset program you will videos that encompass working on Motivation, Stress less, Overcoming head hunger, and more


Classes will be limited in space so if you are interested please get in touch soon as the classes fill up fast- Contact us for more information